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Excuse Me While I Make a Little Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Masterpiece.

June 4, 2012

There is a thing – I say thing because I don’t know what they’re called – going around facebook in which two pictures are contrasted, one of Gillian McKeith and the other of Nigella Lawson, suggesting that if one eats butter, meat, and dessert you will be much more attractive. Personally, yes, I’d rather have Nigella in my bed than Gillian but that’s neither here nor there. WHat really bothers me is that the photo of Gillian is from “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. She’s wearing no make up and has been unwashed in the jungle for god knows how many days. The photo of Nigella is clearly from an event and she’s got a full face of make up, her haris done, the works. How is that a fair comparison? I know loads of lifelong vegans who are gorgeous and healhty looking. It’s just silly.

Then there is this return to “whole foods, like butter, eggs and meat”*. Butter is a whole food? News to me. I get it that after years of no-fat, low-fat, high-protein-low-carb, eat this, not that, there is a backlash. But that backlash sucks. It annoys me to no end seeing things that suggest that people who, often for serious medical reasons, do not eat meat, dairy, or sugar are ninnies or uptight or whatever the fuck it says out there. I have a friend who, whenever she has to ask a series of questions about what may or may not be in this or that sauce or dressing, ends with, “I’m not just a pain in the ass, I have a disease.” Because she does. And she’s sick of the eye roll that tends to accompany her many questions.

I am so over it. You are not better than me because you eat things I don’t and I am not better than you because I don’t. It’s just fucking food. Let’s all stop being assholes about it, okay?

*I’m not linking this quote because I actually like the writer and blog it came from.


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