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Sayonara Rufus

March 5, 2013

The first time I went to Bahooka I was on a non-date that would end up being a date date. I’d like to blame it on the bahooka bowl but that wouldn’t be very honest.
The bahooka bowl is an old wooden salad bowl filled with vodka, wine, and (I think) passion fruit juice. It’s icey and slushy with an island of fire in the middle. We shared a few of them that first night under the guise of broken hearts and more than a few on subsequent nights with no guise necessary.

There she is- the Bahooka Bowl in the flesh

There she is- the Bahooka Bowl in the flesh
image via

We sat at the bar every time.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

I think we ate once but can’t be sure.

We mixed it up with a tiny cowboy bar way up a twisting mountain road and made plans to sleep in teepees. (We never did.) But it all started with Bahooka. And now it’s gone.
For lack of a third generation to take it over Bahooka is closing. People are lining up for hours for a last taste, but I won’t be one of them. As sad as I am, those days are behind me. I guess I’m just nostalgic and like the idea of some things never changing.
Everyone has places like this, right? What are yours?

Oh, and don’t stress- Rufus (the famous fish) is taken care of.

Rufus! (Also courtest of hellokatiegirl)

Rufus! (Also courtest of hellokatiegirl)

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