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Cake cake cake!

December 13, 2013

Apropos of nothing I want to talk about birthday cakes.

About the age of balloon cakes.

About the age of balloon cakes.

When I was little, under 4 feet tall, we had homemade cakes. At least one of them, maybe more, had plastic balloons in it. I can’t tell you what the flavors or colors were- it’s really those balloons. Just thinking about them I get a vague sweetness in my mouth and . They weren’t anything special, each one the size of the tip of your finger, and the kind of plastic you could probably bite through if you tried, but they meant everything to me.

Once I moved to California I  had carrot cakes that definitely didn’t have balloons in them. They were good, I think. I mean, I love carrot cake to this day, so… (check out the carrot cake at Veggie Grill- it’s delicious.) After a few years my mom let Anna Maria the cake maker go and homemade was replaced by Baskin Robins ice cream cakes. My favorite was mint chocolate chip ice cream on chocolate cake. I had that same cake for something like 5 years in a row. It was good. I really liked it, but nothing could ever compare to those damn balloon cakes.

So many cakes were born here.

So many cakes were born here.

You’re totally going to think I’m an idiot, but I’m only now realizing that I’m not actually craving balloons. I’m craving everything that comes with homemade cakes. Family, my grandma, and simple deliciousness.

Is it too soon to start planning my son’s birthday cake?

(You guys have to check out the homemade cakes of Mrs. Nipper Knapp and Karen @ FrenchSkinny. Those cakes kinda, sorta, in a round about way inspired this post. Or at least have had me thinking about homemade cakes on and off for a few years.)

My grandma as a little girl because, why not?

My grandma as a little girl because, why not?

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  1. December 13, 2013 3:27 pm

    You have your Grandma’s beautiful lips!

  2. Alice permalink
    December 16, 2013 10:46 am

    i’m not much of a baker but once a year, on my son’s birthday, a cake is made… by me. the first year, we were traveling but seeing as that it was france, there was no shortage of cakes. i bought him a dense chocolate cake and he has loved chocolate ever since. he didn’t sleep much that night but he loved it. now, we are dealing with a chocolate obsession. for the second bday, i made carrot and third was chocolate. the cakes are important and i love this post.


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