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A few of my favorite things

December 23, 2013

In honor of the real Sound of Music that ABC aired last night and the fact that around 3 am this morning I was thinking about material things that I enjoy I figured I would post the list.

Rumpled white sheets.

Colorful tapestries

Indian block print fabrics.

Perfect, sparse prose.

Early Peter Jackson movies.

Any movie that takes place in Boston, apparently. (I could watch The Departed on repeat.)

Brand new journals.

Used, beat up journals.

Books that are falling apart.

Making collages.

Cloudy days.

And rain.

Totally arbitrary list, I just put down whatever came to mind and stopped when it felt long enough. I thought this post would be filler. A fun little thing to include because it’s the holidays, but it’s had an effect on me. I feel more inspired than I did before.

One of my biggest issues is my tendency towards wishy-washy-ness and after writing these things down I’m reminded that I do, in fact, have opinions about the things I surround myself with. (Not just politics and religion. ;)) Who knew?

*Below are pictures, sort of related to the post. Big Sort of. And puppies.

IMG_1002 IMG_1085 IMG_1151 IMG_0290 IMG_0539 IMG_0414 IMG_0660

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  1. May 19, 2014 6:50 pm

    I read a case study or something recently about writing headlines (it was for how to get more clicks or whatever but still stay with me) and some site like Deadspin or something requires everybody to write 25 headlines per article. The idea is that somewhere near the end of that list (like 21-24) you’ll get THE headline.

    My response was to write 25 headlines about writing 25 headlines; my favorites were:

    How many brilliant headlines is too many brilliant headlines? Science says 26.
    25 headlines isn’t nearly enough–it’s EXACTLY enough.
    If your headlines don’t look like this, you haven’t written them 25 times.
    How to make 1 headline into 25 headlines in 25 ridiculously easy steps.
    25 headlines that will make your children (or pets) hate you.

    Anyway, if you ever want to exercise this listing idea again for no good reason, try to get to 25. You’ll probably learn really weird things about yourself you’d immediately regret learning.

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