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all kinds of quiet

January 6, 2014

So far my experience has been that pregnancy has a way of speeding up the (addled) mind while slowing down the body. I’m getting to that point when just turning from my right to left while lying down requires significant forethought. At the same time I am able to go from zero to a thousand anxious, excited, list making, planning thoughts in a millisecond.

I don’t want to be that person (“Like, oh my god, my chakras are SOOO in balance today, you guys!”), but the truth is, yoga helps. Even just minimal asana (which is all I’m really capable of anyway) bridges the two for a little while. This morning I wanted more than a little while. I didn’t want to jump right out of meditation and into crazy brain. It sounds conscious, but it wasn’t. It appeared out of nowhere as I went to pour hot water over my tea bag.

I tend to let the kettle run a little too long. This can result in boiling water exploding over the cup instead of into it. (I have learned the hard way not to hold the cup with my other hand while pouring.) Usually it explodes everywhere, I curse, put the kettle down, wipe up the water, and nearly forget to actually make my tea. That’s the course I was on this morning. I could hear the water, geared up and waiting to be released before I touched the handle. I picked it up without a thought, popped the spout, and a heartbeat before unleashing the beast, I hesitated. In less than a breath I saw the way things were going to go and how I could change it. I slowed down. I put other thoughts away and just poured the water. No explosion, no spilling, no swearing. Just tea.

I felt my heart settle and my shoulders drop. I was breathing more fully. Looking forward to the day.

It was a small moment, but it reminded me that truly slowing down, even for a second during the simplest task, can be a healing gift.

Below are pictures from some of my favorite quiet moments.


Brighton at sunset.


Sunrise on Sunset

Back Camera

I love the quiet of an airport at night. (And yes, I realize there’s nothing actually “quiet” about it.)




A last Christmas walk in Overton Square with my sister and her dog hours before heading back to L.A.


Solo drive from Memphis to Brownsville to visit some of my favorite people on earth.

Wrangling dogs in Griffith Park.

Wrangling dogs in Griffith Park.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 6, 2014 4:55 pm

    Beautiful words, beautiful photos. Mindfulness is a powerful gift!

  2. January 14, 2014 10:02 pm

    Nice pictures 🙂

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