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Happy Monday

January 13, 2014

I have to start by saying how much the responses to my last post meant to me. Each and every comment and tweet touched my heart. Thank you.


This weekend was about old friends, both accidentally and on purpose. I ran into someone on Friday night who I haven’t seen in a decade. There was a time when we did everything together, and then we didn’t. We just drifted, as people do so it was exciting to catch up and hear about his life now and all the spectacular things he’s got going on. If anyone deserves spectacular things it’s him.

On Saturday I went to a birthday party where I got to celebrate a  the birth of a good dude AND see 2 of my best high school friends, one of whom I actually haven’t  seen since high school! I love slipping into that old comfort that never goes away, even though our lives have moved and swirled along in divergent directions. No awkwardness, just excitement.

Another Saturday highlight was the INCREDIBLE vegan lunch and carrot cake. Oh my christ, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Sunday I can’t write about, but what I can say really applies to the entire weekend. 

So much gratitude, so much joy, so much love.

How was your weekend? 

*I could poke around for old pictures, but that would take too much time and I’d have to get approval, which would never happen with so many people!



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