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What inspires you?

February 7, 2014

That book on top is “F*ck the Radio We’ve Got Apple Juice” by Miranda Ward and Little Fish (who are no longer, but spawned Candy Says, who will blow your socks off! Trust me.)

I was laying on my couch, on my left side like a good little pregnant girl, when I noticed the books I’ve chosen to stack there. It was deliberate without being purposeful. I like the way they look and the way they stack, but clearly there is more there. They are the books that I see every single day, whether I mean to or not. My office is one big stack of “to be filed” so most of my writing, blogging, and other business happens on the couch right now.

On the other side is another deliberate, non-purposeful stack. There is a book of Daniel Johnston’s art that was a gift from a friend, “Individuals- portraits from the Gap Collection”, which contains my first actual “job”, Encyclopedia of Dahlias- my favorite flower, and a Banksy book. There are also card making supplies stuffed in so I don’t forget to make, write, and send out thank you notes. Opposite these books, facing out, are my yoga and philosophy books, and baby books. Interesting what I’ve chosen to look at versus face out, I think.

In other inspiration news, I’m a big fan of the fan letter (or email, or tweet). Yesterday I wrote to Joanna Goddard thanking her for the inspiration for Cyrus’s post. I’ve also exchanged tweets with favorite authors (one of whom has become a friend). I think we spend so much time being “cool” that we forget the importance of just saying, “What you did affected me, thank you.”

What do you think, do you write or say something? And what things do you have around that inspire you without you even realizing it?

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