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Paper and journals and notebooks-Oh my!

February 16, 2014
A little sampling... Now imagine twenty or thirty more under these.

A little sampling… Now imagine twenty or thirty more under these.

I’ve written before about my love of datebooks, planners, and the like, but I’ve been remiss when it comes to notebooks. Maybe because my love is so great that I find it daunting?

Here are the basics:

I’ve always loved paper, books, and office supplies. I’ve had years of on-off journaling, diary keeping, and prolific to do lists. When it came to proper journaling I rarely stuck through a book all the way. I’d get nervous near the end that I’d get cut off and so I’d just quit. I faired much better (and was less wasteful) when it came to an “everything” book. My first was a green sketchbook when I was 14. It holds everything from dreams to collages, to creepy short stories that kind of scare me now. I think I tended toward preciousness when it came to “journaling” and this allowed me to let it be less about the actual book, and more about what was going in it. Over the years I have kept proper journals here and there and I find them fascinating to look it. Especially to compare the handwriting. Here it will be a disaster that I can barely read and there it will be so small and controlled you’d think it was written with the stick that was clearly lodged in my ass.

In the last decade I’ve let go of trying to force anything, which has helped me to fill up and use the books that I’ve purchased. Mostly I’ve stuck with the Moleskine for organizational and stacking purposes, but I have occasionally branched out with some others that I really loved. (That Space Invaders is the best spiral bound notebook I’ve ever used. It’s made by a company called Sideshow USA, or was, as they don’t make them anymore. Yes, I’ve emailed them.) And I’m ready to branch out again, but I’m nervous.

On the one hand I want something pretty, but see above regarding preciousness. On the other hand I want something fat and utilitarian, and on the third hand- let’s pretend I’m Lakshmi- I just want to give in and get the same old Moleskine I’ve been using. Help!

I’ve been totally nerding out on this blog, Notebook Stories, that has great reviews and pictures and posts about all things notebook. (Seriously, I could spend hours reading everything on this site.) Frankly I’m overwhelmed. I want everything and nothing. I was briefly looking at the 300 page Miquelrius, but then I remembered that I have two lying around unfinished because they’re just too fat and writing on the back of the early pages sucks. (I’ve tried using them just for to-do lists, but that takes away the ease of having everything in one place.) I have a gorgeous Christian Lacroix

that was a Christmas gift from a friend, but, again, precious. (Thinking I’ll use that one to record baby stuff.)

Ugh. Any ideas? Should I stick with what I know? *And yes, I know the Moleskine marketing thing is fake and that they’re made in China and didn’t even exist as a company back when Picasso, or whoever they claim it is “the notebook of”, was using notebooks.

What are your favorites? And if anyone has an old Sideshow spiral they want me to take off their hands I’ll gladly do it.

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  1. The Wonders of Inner Life permalink
    February 17, 2014 8:30 am

    ooooh. Etsy is my heaven for Journals!

    • Clementine permalink*
      February 17, 2014 9:36 am

      So good and soooo dangerous to my wallet!

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