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Throwing It Back #5

February 20, 2014


1. This photo could have been taken anywhere. My first thought was our house in Alabama, then I saw the uggs and snow boots. Maybe steamboat springs?

2. That baby on my lap is Ariel. Not sure if I’m tickling her or if she’s trying to get down and I’m forcing her to hang out with me. The latter may have happened more often than not, especially after she taught me to play chess. I still haven’t ever beat her.

3. In the doorway is Bruce, my stepdad and my brother, Zack. Definitely one of the cutest babies ever. (Except when he spit up on my Alf doll and I never played with it again.)

4. Can we go back to the Uggs for a minute? I was totally ahead of my time. With cold feet.

5. I just realized A and Z are wearing matching outfits. I’m thinking we may need to recreate this photo today- 25 years later. Although, I doubt Bruce could hold Zack like that today!

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