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My First DIY: Necklace Board

March 5, 2014

I’m one of those people who would love to be crafty, or at the very least, handy. I pin projects and drool over friends’ homemade quilts and curtains. I shop for sewing machines weekly, but I never take that next step. 

Usually what happens is I’m all gung ho about something until I read the instructions. If there is a drill or numbers or math involved I tend to check out and give up before I’ve started. It’s not something I’m proud of. I probably would have done that this time if I’d actually read the directions.


I’ve always wanted something like this, but never found anything exactly right so when I saw this DIY Jewelry Display on A Beautiful Mess I decided to go for it. I looked at their instructions exactly twice. And blocked out most of them, but didn’t realize until after I’d finished and hung it. Hence the lack of pictures.

You should probably follow their post, but in case you’re like me and drills and rulers scare you off, here’s how I did it:

1. You start with a piece of pine, or any soft wood, cut to your specifications. Mine is 2×4 because that’s how much space I had to put it up. I bought an already cut 2×8 and cut it in half at home. If you don’t have a chop saw, wherever you buy your wood should be able to cut it for you.

2. Pick your hooks. I went for the larger brass, but get whatever you like. The smaller ones may work better if you’re hanging smaller, more delicate pieces.

3. Lightly sand your board, just enough to get the rough edges and splinters off.

4. Lay the board down on a flat surface and lay out what you plan to hang on it in whatever way you like. Mark where you want the hooks with a pencil.

5. Screw in your hooks. (This is why soft wood is important.) You can literally, with a little pressure, screw them right in by hand. Once you feel good about your lay out, take the hooks back out.

6. Paint! I used spray paint that I got at Home Depot. I’d been searching for just the right turquoise for a while before I recognized that I was really just procrastinating. I bought it based on the color on the cap. It’s a science, I know. It took two coats.

7. Let it dry over night. (You probably don’t have to, it might dry before that, but I can’t say for sure.)

8. Screw the hooks back into the holes you made earlier.

9. Hang or lean the board where you want it. If you’re hanging you’ll need a picture hanger- this can be screwed on the back in the same way as the screws on the front.

10. Display your stuff!

Here’s a picture:


Okay, so the picture’s not great, but the lighting where I hung it is weird and I took it on my phone. You get the idea.

What should I try next?

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