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My Face Smells Like Salad

March 10, 2014
Not my face. Photo from

Not my face. Photo from

I’ve written about my love for argan oil and honey as face products, but there’s one that I’ve left out because, honestly, it’s gross:

Apple Cider Vinegar.

I love what it does for my skin, especially my freaky, hormonal, blotchy, pregnancy skin. I use the two to one ratio- 2 teaspoons of warm water, 1 of ACV- dip a bit of a washcloth into it and wipe gently on my face. In the morning, my skin is soft, calm, and with little to no redness. I could make more at a time, and I’d love to do this every night, but there’s no point, since it’s become more of an emergency measure.


It stinks.

The internet is full of lists and recipes and ways to you ACV to change your inner and outer health, most of them will say, “Yes, it stinks, but it fades/goes away”. I’m here to tell you- that is not true.

Let’s say I get up and take Gilligan for a walk, or rush around the house cleaning before I’ve taken a shower. I will inevitably be knocked over by an intense vinegar smell. It always takes me a second before I realize that it’s coming from my face. My. Face.

Depressing, but true. Put argan oil on top of it and what have you got? Salad.



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