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I Must Smell Funny

March 19, 2014

I’ve been asked here and there how Gilligan is doing with the pregnancy. I guess some dogs get weird when women get pregnant. I’ve always answered with pride, “Gilligan’s cool. He doesn’t care.” And he was. I thought. Since we lost Princess we’ve regained the connection we had for so many years. I’ve gone out of my way also to make sure that he’s not lonely or too sad. Some might say I’ve been spoiling him, but he’s not rotten so, whatever.

But something has changed in the past few weeks.

Unless we’re going somewhere or there’s food involved, he’s not really interested in being close to me. He’s always been a very independent little dude, sometimes preferring to have a little crate time over couch time, but this is different. Before he was always up for a little cuddle, now, not so much.



Now he’s all about arm’s length. I’ll put him on what’s left of my lap and he’ll scuttle off as soon as he gets the chance. Then he’ll plop down about 6 inches away. When Cyrus is home all he wants to do is sit with him, on him, near him. It’s weird.

My only guess is that as my hormones kick into full pre-baby gear my body chemistry is changing and he can smell it. Or feel it. I just hope he’s okay with it.

This is one of those times I really wish dogs could talk.

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