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Flying With a Baby

June 18, 2014
Before the flight. Equal parts excitement and dread.

Before the flight. Equal parts excitement and dread.

I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I’m obsessed with the fantasy of being a jet setter. I desperately want to be one of those women who glides off the plane at her destination with one simple carry on and perfect hair and make up. I’ve been flying since I was six months old, I should be that woman. Instead, no matter how I look when I board, I deplane rumpled, dirty, with greasy hair, and two more armfuls of stuff that I got on with. Seriously, I swear my junk multiplies in the air. I was sure that traveling with a baby would make me an even bigger, more hectic mess, but it didn’t, it might have actually made things better. (Even if I still deplane looking more like Pigpen than Angelina Jolie.)

The first thing I did was give up my dreams of carry on only and made peace with the size of our luggage. I also let go of the need to have ten books and ten magazines with me on the plane. I only took five of each. Hey, it’s a start.

Security was a breeze, Eli was in the stroller so I carried him through the metal detector while the stroller and car seat went on the belt. After that I switched to the Ergo Wrap. It was so nice to be hands free after we gate checked the stroller. (*FYI: The woman working our gate gave us a couple of trash bags to protect them and suggested that we get covers in the future. On the way back, we covered just the car sea. The stroller was fine, so I’m not sure it’s totally necessary.)I also felt better having him more protected from the chaos that is LAX.

I fed him on take off, no crying or fussing, then put him back in the wrap where he slept. Even with both hands I couldn’t make too much of a mess because I couldn’t bend down to get the bag out from under my seat. I could have slept if I wanted to, but I was too excited. On descent we actually had to keep waking him up to nurse, the pressure didn’t bother him at all. Maybe we just got lucky, but on both flights the people behind us commented that they hadn’t known we had a baby with us.

I’m no dummy, I know that the younger they are the easier they are to travel with, but I’m taking this as a win.

Going back to all that “stuff”, he was ten weeks old, he didn’t need anything but me, some diapers and the wrap. (Our checked luggage was a different story.)

If he only had the same effect on my fear of flying as he does on my carry on…


What happens when carry ons are limited? I make my own fun!

What happens when carry ons are limited? I make my own fun!


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