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Memphis For the Win

June 19, 2014
My attempt at protecting Eli's anonymity. He's sleeping in this picture, promise.

My attempt at protecting Eli’s anonymity. He’s sleeping in this picture, promise.

Little bullets:

  • Our first night in memphis Eli pooped up the FRONT of his onesie. We only had a shower in our hotel room, so a shower is what he got. I held him, Cyrus hosed. It was a mess, but less of a mess than sleeping with poop. The next morning we moved into a room with a tub. Tip: When traveling with one too young to shower always make sure you have a tub when you make the reservation!
  • Wednesday morning we went for brunch at The Little Tea Shoppe for greens and corn sticks. They are the best greens you can get that you don’t make yourself. They might actually be better than what you make yourself. Some plans got moved around so we were on our own Wednesday night and went down to Beale- a place I generally avoid on the weekends, but weekdays are fine. It was bike night so there were hundreds of motorcycles everywhere. One of those things Eli would have really been into I’m sure, if he were a little older.
You can see how into it he was.

You can see how into it he was.

*He’s in the Ergo carrier here. It has a sleep hood that also came in handy while eating and later when we got caught in an unexpected sprinkle. (It’s not waterproof but it was better than nothing while we ran for shelter!)

  • He slept six hours that night- the longest stretch yet! I thought it was a fluke, but then he slept seven hours the following night and another 6 the night after that! (He’d have slept more, but it was the day of the wedding and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and was bumping around.) I’d read that infants sleep better at night when they sleep well during the day because they don’t end up overtired, but never really believed it until we got home. The first night back in L.A. he was up every three hours. The big difference I could see was that in Memphis we had a million things to do and places to be so he spent a whole lot of time strapped or wrapped to me, sleeping. He did ride in the stroller a bit, but it’s doesn’t seem to have the same effect. So, on our second day home, I wore him more that usual and made a conscious effort to give him solid sleep time and- boom- six hours of sleep. We’ve waffled between five and six and a half hours since. Maybe this is a terrible idea, but at least we’re all sleeping.

What is your experience? Do you make your baby stay awake longer during the day, or let them sleep? Do I sound crazy? I’d love your thoughts!

Greens and a cornstick. (Two bits.)

Greens and a cornstick. (Two bits.)

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  1. Deanna permalink
    June 19, 2014 1:11 pm

    3 kids here and I can say without a doubt… solid naps during the day=solid sleep at night! Enjoy those rests!


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