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Birthday intentions and a mini June Recap

June 30, 2014
photo by dad

photo by dad

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I didn’t blog this weekend, even though I’d intended to. Neither did I meditate or set intentions for the coming year. And I don’t feel bad about it.

Typically I would spin around and around inside my head about why and why not and wondering what it means and if I’ve doomed myself- to what, I don’t know- until I’ve spent more time worrying than living. This year, this day, I’m not doing that. I’m looking forward, instead of around in a circle. Hmmm. Maybe I set an intention after all.


June Recap (sort of. mini.)

I don’t know if you all enjoyed the recaps for January and February, but I did, so here we go with June, the last half anyway.

Eli took his first flight to Memphis!

He turned 3 months old.

I’ve been reading A Beautiful Mess forever. It’s one of my favorite blogs and the only one I’ve tried to DIY from (hello jewelry board!). I keep coming back to their scrapbooking posts and, given the overwhelming number of pictures I have that are unorganized and I never look at , I’m ready to try it myself. I *might* be a little nervous.

I finally posted my birth story!


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