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Throwing It Back #12

July 3, 2014

Picture 21. That guy there is my dad.

2. Ever wonder where I got my awesome eyebrows? You’re looking at him.

3. I’d say he’s the world’s greatest Mr. Mom (and now Mr. Grandma) but he’s better. Michael Keaton was a mess until he figured it out. My dad’s a natural. Seriously, without his help I’d be pulling my hair out and eating my toe nails in the corner.

4. He dropped everything to move more than a thousand miles from Memphis to Los Angeles to be with me. Bad. Ass.

5. The photo on the left was taken in second grade I think, so I would have been 7. I regularly got mistaken for a boy with that haircut. I was equally appalled and flattered. The one on the right, I have no idea- 3 maybe? Definitely a girl.


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