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I Roasted Lettuce and it was Amazing

July 10, 2014

So the pediatrician thinks Eli might have acid reflux, or he could be teething. In case it’s the former she recommended a bland diet and no kale or broccoli. To me that translates into boring and nutritionally lacking, but yummy foods that turn to paste in my insides- I’m looking at you, Baguette.

Yesterday morning I’d hit my limit. One more starch and I would explode. I had some salad fixings in the fridge, but, even though it’s been sweltering, a cold salad just sounded less than appetizing, so I cranked up the air and turned on the oven. A new favorite was born.

Roasted Romaine

Roasted Romaine

I set the oven to 400 and while it was preheating I put the romaine into a glass baking pan and drizzled it with olive oil. (My chef friend says never to cook with good olive oil because of the smoke point and something else. I say psht to that.) I used my hands to turn the leaves around and make sure they were coated. Then I popped it in to the oven for ten minutes. (Today it was only 8 minutes because they got crispy quicker this morning somehow, so definitely keep an eye on them!)

I also roasted some zucchini and put it on top, which was heavenly! (Let me know if anyone needs instruction on that, it’s super easy.)

I’m really excited to used this as a base for salads for the next little while. What are your favorite warm salad ingredients? (Assuming you like warm salad, of course!)

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