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Extreme Parenting

September 12, 2014

Cyrus has recently gotten into a show about extreme parenting. One family lives on the road because the dad is a selfish weirdo, another is into mysticism and crystals instead of modern medicine, and yet another is all about major pushing to be the best.
I can’t help but gawk at these shows (that’s the point, isn’t it?) and wish I could give some of these kids much needed hugs, but at the same time I have to wonder- don’t these parents just want the best for their kids? We are all shaped by our upbringing and carry at least some of that to our parenting, I think. Me, for example. I’ve chosen my path and what is important to me in response to my childhood and who’s to say that Eli won’t some day resent me for that? Who’s to say that he won’t wish I’d worked harder, focused and sacrificed more personally for financial abundance? What if he hates me because we don’t fly first class?
Obviously these people are on a show about extreme parenting for a reason but maybe there is a lesson here? Every if it’s just to remember that we’re all just doing our best?

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