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I choose to play (at you plus 2 parenting)

February 16, 2015

I’m pretty excited to share this… Before the New Year I was invited to be a part of this blog series over at You Plus 2 Parenting. I read 28 Days of Play 2014 and found myself relating and laughing, but scared. I worried about the future. I worried about the day when I wouldn’t want to play with my son. Truth? I judged. Just a little. Then I sat down to write my post.

It forced me to look, really look, at myself and my days and how I interacted with my child. I saw some things I didn’t like and, I think, I’m a better parent for it.

Before he was mobile I sat on the floor with him and alternated peek-a-boos and songs with Instagram breaks. Yes, Instagram breaks. I told myself, “it’s only a little and once he’s older I’ll stop”. Because I’m not that mom. I’m the present mom, the no screen time mom, the constantly available, but not hovering mom. Aren’t I?

Click here to read the full post. I’d love to know what you all think.

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