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A sugar-drunk blog and Oscar thoughts

February 23, 2015

Hi. I’ve had 7 cookies. Seven. I think. Maybe 6. And some cheese. I feel drunk. I’m not writing because the sugar feels like speed. But I’m tired. Sugar crashing?

I have a few cents about last night’s Oscars and here they are:

Maybe for the first time in years, I was looking forward to it. I saw the Tonys, I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a great job. And I just like him. Can’t help it.

My verdict: I liked it. For what it was. To those who are angry about the male whiteness of it, what did you expect? The academy is heavy on white males. Do I wish it were different? Absolutely, but it’s not. I thought Patricia Arquette’s speech was great, but I thought Graham Moore had the best speech of the night. Finally, Lady Gaga, The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews- that could have gone on for an hour and I’d have loved it.

(note: I missed portions of the telecast because Gilligan had diarrhea* on the couch. Well, he had diarrhea*, then he jumped on the couch. He has long hair. Do the math. In order to catch up (so as not to miss certain awards) we took liberties with the fast forward button. I know we missed NPH in his undies. I’m okay with that. *Never in my life have I learned how to spell that word.)


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