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January 12, 2016
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Reading, it’s my favorite. 

I often begin the year with a page in my notebook dedicated to “Books Read.” It’s one of my favorite things to look back on, but has never made it past 7 entries. I forget. I move on. I forget because I move on. At the end of the year, sometimes before that, I go to Goodreads and frantically tick off what books I can remember having read. Of course books are missed. It shouldn’t bother me so much, but it’s principle.

This year I want to keep my log all the way through. I want to know what I’ve read, when I read it, how I felt about it, you feel me? My intention is never to write a “Best books of 20whatever” (really, I couldn’t. It’s rare I read a book the year that it’s published).

I keep remembering part of a post I read on BookRiot:

And then I realized, late this year, that I was reading myself crazy. I was reading while I was catching up on the DVR. I was reading while I was EATING DINNER. I was reading every chance I got. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to catch up. Have you ever gone onto Goodreads and seen that you were three books behind on your challenge? It’s nerve wracking! I felt like I ALWAYS had to be reading, no matter what else might be going on. The challenge was exacerbated by the guilt that I had so many books in the house, both paper and electronic, and felt that I needed to push through them.

This would be me. In fact, it’s already happening- kind of. I picked up Best American Essays 2015, then put it down, because how would I count that? Short stories? Nope. And what about big books? A Little Life? Not going to happen. Then there are the books I go back too again and again, or books I read last year that I want to revisit. Do they count? HOW do they count? Ugh. Cue Linus passing out in the pumpkin patch.
*pictures of books I already had on my phone. 

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