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The Best Laid Plans

September 21, 2016

How we spent the majority of her first party.

Before having Welles I made a lot of decisions and plans that I thought would help ease the transition for Eli. I signed up for two classes, made a regular schedule of library Mondays and museum Thursdays, and figured Cyrus would just keep it all rolling.

The first chance we had to try it out was last Friday. Welles had a doctor appointment that timingwise butted right up against Eli’s class. It seemed perfect. We would take two cars to the appointment and then Cyrus would take Eli to class while I went back home. Eli did not think this was perfect. He was devastated. Baby Welles had taken his car (my car). He decided he hated daddy’s car and that he didn’t want to go anywhere but home. His new motto is “all or none.” And so it’s been.

This weekend we went to a birthday party for a fellow 2 year old, back to the doctor, and patted ourselves on the backs for surviving. Today we all suited up and went to class. (Where we met snakes, which was super cool.) It was a lot, but so worth it. Eli was tired, but much more himself. And I felt more myself, especially at the end when Cyrus took Welles and I got to sing the last couple of songs with Eli on my lap. Familiar and grounding, new and old, it was what we all needed.


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