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Ann Boroch is Dead

August 8, 2017

Ann Boroch is dead.

For those who don’t know: Ann was a naturopath whose claim to fame was that she “healed” herself from debilitating MS by following a special diet and program she designed. For the last 19 years she’s been healing others, not just those with MS, but people with all kinds of afflictions, from cancer to allergies. And me. Well, not really me. She didn’t heal me. I only saw her once. She stuck a thing on my head that told her computer that I had radiation poisoning and sold me a massive bag of loose tea that would sit in my cupboard for I don’t remember how many years and at least two house moves. The whole thing cost almost $500. Frankly, I was unimpressed, but that’s just me.

Loads of folks adore her and give her credit for their miraculous recoveries. Understandably, they are grieving and looking for answers. Her family posted that it was natural causes, which makes no sense considering her age and status as paragon of health. That statement was just asking for people to investigate, which is what they did. One man, Bryan somebody*, posted a link to the coroner’s report stating the cause of death as hanging. *A few hours after that post the entire page was shut down so I can’t go back and find his name.


Not a “natural cause”.

Before that it was grief and conspiracy. After, it was more conspiracy than grief. “Big Pharma” killed another one. There are lists of holistic practitioners who have supposedly died at the hands of “Big Pharma”- always capitalized- even if they died of (actual) natural causes. Her crime, I guess, was the spreading of misinf- sorry- information about the dangers of vaccines.*

I wish the family had conferred with a publicist or whatever profession deals with such announcements before going public. I wish the family hadn’t written “natural causes” when that wasn’t the case. But I can’t fault them, not really. What a shocking, horrible position to be in. My stepmother died suddenly last year and it was hard to figure out how and what to tell people. But then, she wasn’t a public figure.

Hanging: Violence. Horror.

That’s what it is to me.

And now, an uninterested party, I want to know what happened. I’m obsessed with knowing what happened. Did her disease come back and she couldn’t bare to admit her life’s work was wrong? Did she have previous issues with depression? Was it substance abuse? What was it? WHATWASIT??? 

You know what it most likely wasn’t? Big Pharma.

So can we please, please start with the truth and go from there?

Let’s talk depression. Let’s talk suicide prevention. Cool?



*Vaccines are generally safe unless you have an allergy or some other extenuating circumstance. Science is awesome.




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