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April 2, 2018

I was talking with a friend today about family and personal values. We both realized that for various reasons we’d strayed from said values. For myself and my family, caring about the planet and being part of the whole, the greater One that encompasses us all, is a big one. There are so many simple ways to express and live this value and yet I’ve dropped the ball. Bit by bit, here are a few ways I intend to pick it up again:

1. Ask for coffee in ceramic. Or bring my own reusable cup.

2. Buy second hand when possible. At my size it’s not always easy, but I’ve found some gems recently.

3. Put some water in the sink and turn off the dadgum faucet while rinsing dishes!

4. Speaking of water: collect the water that comes out while waiting for it to warm up and water the plants with it.

These are just a few, but they’re where I’m putting my focus this week. I’m also making my own bread, which means less packaging wasted and am about to plant a bunch of stuff that, if all goes well, should reduce our use of boxed lettuce (Shut up, I know.) and produce that requires driving. Win win!

What are some of your family’s values? How do you reduce your impact on the planet?


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